Ellicott Baptist Church

24075 State Highway 94, Ellicott, Co 80808


The history of Ellicott Baptist Church

Ellicott Baptist Church was originally started by a group that went to a crusade in Calhan with all the area churches. The crusade was preached by Dr. Ed. Nelson (South Sheridan Baptist Church). After that crusade some men talked with Ed Nelson about starting a church in Calhan.  That didn't work out, so they decided to move to Ellicott. The men that came to Ellicott to start the church where Claude Vette, Everett Cramner, Perry Freeman and Elmer Dole.


Ellicott Baptist church (originally Ellicott Tabernacle Baptist Church), started out meeting at the Ellicott Fire Department Firehouse. The church was organized January 7, 1968 with 16 charter members present. The church called Bro. Alvie Skipper as its first Pastor. Alvin Skipper was pastor for about 6 months. The church was not at the Fire Station for very long before moving to Webb's Junk Yard. Brother Dean McClain was the pastor when the church moved to Webb's. 

Pastor Dean McClain was called by the church Wednesday, August 14, 1968. He moved to Ellicott September 21, 1968.

Bro. Darol Dickinson donated the land where the current church resides. The property was a ¼ mile east of Ellicott road on highway 94 on the south side of the highway. A groundbreaking service was held Sunday, December 1, 1968 at 1:00 PM. The church had $3,500 for the building. But when the church was built the plan was to build by faith, asking God to supply materials and funds and the men. They decided that they would not solicit funds from anyone, but they instead would trust God to finish what they felt He has begun. "Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it." Psalm 127:l

The belief at that time and at the present time is that the church is not affiliated with any group or denomination, but is a fellowship of believers, who have confessed the Lord Jesus Christ as their only hope and assurance of salvation, and who have followed Him in believer’s baptism. We are free to fellowship with any fundamental group that we feel the need or desire, for the purpose of sending forth missionaries or for the training of those called to the ministry. We hold the Bible to be the verbally inspired Word of God and the sole authority for faith and practice. All are welcome at any of our services.

The Ellicott Baptist School was started in 1975. When the school was originally built it consisted of 2 bathrooms and 2 classrooms. The remainder of the school was added in 1980-1981. The gym was then built in 1998. Since opening the school has graduated 35 students.

Pastors List

Jan1968 Alvie Skipper No Picture
Aug 1968 Pastor Dean McClain (family-Connie, Mike, Doug, Connie Jo, Chris) McClain Family
Pastor Sterling Schaaf (family Ginny, David, Carl, Pam, Connie, Melody, Bob, Alvin, Melvin and Tim) Sterling Schaaf Family
1977 Pastor Earl Dechant (wife - Phyllis) Earl Dechant family
1978 Pastor Charles Ashley (family - Joyce, Holly, Heidi) Pastor Charles Ashley
1981 Pastor Daniel Dean (family - Bernice, Pam, Doug) Pastor Daniel Dean
1988 Pastor Gary Fuller (wife - Cindi) Pastor Gary Fuller
1990 Pastor Jim Johnson (Family - Deanna (1st wife lost a battle with illness and went home to be with the Lord), Loreen (2nd wife), Tammi, Jamie, Todd, Starla, Jesse, Jinny, Adam, Teresa) Pastor Johnson 1st wife    Pastor Johnson 2nd wife
2000 Pastor John Mckenzie (family - Noni, Amanda, Racheal, Megan, Isaac, Hannah) Pastor Mckenzie Family   Mckenzie Family