Ellicott Baptist Church

24075 State Highway 94, Ellicott, Co 80808





Dear Missionary Friend,

Ellicott Baptist Church is a missionary hearted, independent Baptist Church. We believe God's command for the local church is to get the Gospel to the entire world. We at Ellicott Baptist Church are doing just that. We believe in soul-winning, visitation, and practice what we preach.

If you would like to come to Ellicott Baptist Church to present your ministry, please e-mail me at ellicottbaptistmissions@gmail.com. For obvious reasons we cannot have all who want to come, but we want those who have a clear testimony of missions in their life to present their burden.






Missionary letters can be accessed by clicking on the document icon to the right of the missionary row. Missionaries with no document symbol do not have a letter. Letters will always be the most recent as I recieve them.  Letters can vary greatly in size, so some may take longer to open.  When new letters are posted, the letter cell will be green and stay green for roughly 2 weeks.

Ellicott Baptist Church Missionaries

Albach, Adam and Michelle Pagosa Springs, Co  
Aya, William and Monica Colombia, South America Missions Letter
Bassett, Jeff and Carla United States Missions Letter
Burton, Doug and Amy Bouganville, Papua New Guinea Missions Letter
Davis, Allen and Angie Chester, California Missions Letter
DeBolt, Mark and Linda Monument, Colorado Missions Letter
Disney, Dave and Peggy Chile, South America Missions Letter
Edwards, Ben and Rebecca Military in Japan Missions Letter
Fox, David and Wannicka Haiti  
Francini, Dean and Anne Deaf in Colorado Springs Missions Letter
Gossmeyer, Kent and Andrea England Missions Letter
Hammett, George and Kristin South Africa Missions Letter
Harjo, Bobby Shiprock, NM Missions Letter
Harper, Reiner and Susan Toronto, Canada Missions Letter 
Heartland Baptist Bible College Oklahoma City, OK  
Huling, Caleb and Yasmini Trinidad, Colorado  
Ingram, Tim and Ingrid Brazil Missions Letter
Johnson, Doyle and Dixie Monterrey, Mexico Missions Letter
Johnson, Matt and Annetta Tula, Hidalgo, Mexico Missions Letter
Johnston, Mary Haiti/ Dominican Republic Missions Letter
Lawrence, Isaac Romania Missions Letter
Lea, Michael and Tammi Ecuador Missions Letter
Leaf, Benjamin and Luciana Brazil Missions Letter
Local Church Bible Publishers Lansing, Mi Missions Letter
Lowe, Chris and Rebekah Canada Missions Letter
Martin, Samuel and Barbara Bearing Precious Seed Missions Letter
Morlan, Derick and Julianna Oxford, England Missions Letter
Morrison, Paul and Julie Swaziland Missions Letter
Newburger, Mike and Kelly New York City, NY Missions Letter
Park, Benjamin and Jae Sejong , South Korea Missions Letter
Penner, Francisco and Elizabeth Ontario ,Canada Missions Letter
Richards, Seth Ingolstadt, Germany Missions Letter
Robinson, Darin and Stephanie Independent Baptist Builders  
Rogers, Sammy and Annessa Ji-Parana, RO, Brazil Missions Letter
Silver State Baptist Youth Camp Sedalia, Co  
Thornsley, Mike and Carlene Howard, Co Missions Letter
Wells, Brad and Deborah Washington DC Missions Letter
Worley, Caleb and Joy Anthony, New Mexico Missions Letter