Ellicott Baptist Church

24075 State Highway 94, Ellicott, Co 80808


Derrick and Julianna Morlan

As many are aware, the decline of Christianity in the United Kingdom and Europe at large has become epidemic during the last few decades, until the society is now predominately secular. Surveys indicate that less than 3% of British citizens attend a church of any kind on a regular basis. Tragically, atheism and agnosticism are the order of the day, and crime rates are escalating while parliament passes more and more liberal laws rewarding sinful lifestyles. Educational standards have plummeted, the family unit has crumbled and mass immigration has brought wave upon wave of those practicing false religions. Teen pregnancy rates in England are the highest in all of Europe. Churches and chapels are dwindling rapidly, with an average of 17 closing their doors for good every week. However, there is a faithful remnant of saints who are labouring diligently and asking God to send revival. These believers have not forgotten the great Christan heritage of their nation, including mighty men like Whitefield and Wesley, martyrs such as Latimer and Ridley, and hymn writers like Newton and Watts.
Dr. Clarence Sexton, pastor of the Temple Baptist Church in Powell, Tennessee and founder of The Crown College of the Bible, has had a burden for the British Isles for many years. After he and his wife, Evelyn, visited numerous times and continually prayed that the Lord would open a door of opportunity to minister here, God did indeed open a ‘great and effectual door, which no man can shut.’

Through the help and generosity of several dear pastor friends in England, we were offered a redundant chapel in the West Midlands near Birmingham. This beautiful Victorian era building was in very good repair, seats up to 520 people, and had been empty for some time. It was just a step away from being converted into a block of flats or a car park when the Lord intervened.

Dr. Sexton saw this chapel as the answer to his prayers and immediately sent Julian and Jean Evans and their family over to begin evangelism in the Blackheath community and to conduct services each week.

The other part of the vision was to create an extension of The Crown College of the Bible in England for students to study abroad for a term and minister in various churches. In August of 2006 James and Genevieve Zenker were sent to establish the school at the Marsh Farm House near Evesham.

Eventually, the Evans family was needed back at the Tennessee campus, and Mr. Zenker became the pastor of the Beeches Road Baptist Chapel in January of 2007.

In our brief time here, God has done exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or think. Despite much opposition and many trials, the Lord has built His church in Blackheath. Many individuals have miraculously come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and several have already followed Him through the waters of baptism and joined the church.