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Bob and Mary Johnston

Mary and I were saved at Lincoln Land Baptist Church in Springfield, Illinois, under the leadership of Pastor Darwyne VanWye. I accepted Christ on April 11, 1982, and Mary accepted Christ on May 30, 1982. We served faithfully there until God called us into full time ministry.

Mary and I enrolled in Fellowship Baptist College in East Peoria, Illinois, in 1983 and graduated with a degree in Missions in May of 1986. After graduating we went to Green Castle, MO to help start Grace Bible Baptist Church. I served as Pastor Earl Baker’s associate for 2 ½ years. After the church was organized and I had surrendered to the mission field the church called for my ordination and I was ordained on May 26, 1988. We decided to further our education by correspondence through Grace Baptist Institute and Sauk Village Baptist Bible College. Mary received a double Bachelors Degree in Missions and Elementary Education and I received a double Bachelors and a double Masters Degree in Missions and Secondary Education.

February of 1988, I went on a 10 day missions trip to Haiti, West Indies with 6 other Pastors. It was during this trip that God called me to preach the gospel to the Haitian people. On the flight back to the United States I told God that I was not going to tell my wife that He had called me. I did not want to fight two battle fields and I asked God to burden her heart for the Haitians. About 2 weeks after the trip the church had a Haiti Sunday, showed the slides, and all who went on the trip gave testimonies. I still did not say anything about God's call upon my life. We went home that afternoon Mary was preparing lunch and taking more time than normal. I went to the kitchen to see if I could help and found her crying. She began to explain that she was all mixed up because the Lord had burdened her heart for the Haitian people. She did not understand why He had not spoken to my heart first. After she told me , I started jumping up and down with much joy and explained to her that God had called me to the Haitian people. Together we rejoiced at God’s calling on our lives and immediately made preparation to start deputation. God allowed us to raise our support in 18 months and we arrived on the mission field full time on April 23, 1990.

Bro. Bob Johnston

Sis. Mary Johnston

Website: www.bobmaryjohnston.com