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Heartland Baptist Bible College

Heartland Baptist Bible College is committed to excellence in educating and training preachers, missionaries, and Christian workers. 

In November, 1966, the Western Baptist Bible Fellowship, composed of pastors from that region, met in Las Vegas and voted the Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College into existence. This was in response to the vision, dedication, and determination of five key Southern California pastors along with a number of other preachers who worked to make Pacific Coast become a reality.

Classes began in fall 1967 in rented facilities in Orange, California. Under the direction of Pastor Ted Hicks, one of the founders and the first President, the college grew and became an established preacher training facility.

The campus moved twice in the years that followed - in June 1969 the campus moved from Orange to Walnut and in 1971 it moved again to Pasadena - before settling in 1972 on the 149 acre former Cal Poly Voorhis campus in San Dimas, California. The college leased the property from the state in August 1972 which continued until it purchased the property from the state in December 1977.

In February 1980, the college’s second president, Pastor J.C. Joiner, took command. The stable leadership of Joiner with Jack Baskin as the executive vice president continued the vision of the Western States Baptist Bible Fellowship.

In May 1983, Pastor Frank Johnson accepted the call as the third president of Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College.

On June 8, 1992, Pacific Coast was revived to “a new walk in the old paths.” Pastor Duane Thorp was elected president along with a new Board of Directors, and PC began a new era with a renewed vision and a new direction.

In May 1995, Pastor Terry Randolph was elected as the fifth president of PCBBC after serving as the interim president during the spring of 1995. He led the college during a time of financial crisis and declining enrollment which eventually forced the historic relocation of the college from Southern California to Oklahoma City in June 1998. During a miracle seven weeks in the summer of 1998, the new campus, a former college campus built in the 1970’s, was renovated in time for fall classes.

In September 1998 during Opening Days, the college was renamed Heartland Baptist Bible College. During the months that followed, the college reorganized, changed its emphasis from a regional to a national focus, and established an accountability link with a group of pastors, missionaries, and evangelists known as the “Friends of Heartland.”

In 1999, Terry Randolph resigned and Sam Davison, then pastor of Southwest Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, was named the new president. As Terry Randolph gave stability during a difficult time of transition, Bro. Davison provides a renewed vision, determination, and dependence upon God that will be needed as we enter the 21st century.

During the many years of its existence, Pacific Coast experienced many ups and downs, but God preserved the college; and now as Heartland Baptist Bible College, the prospects for the future are extremely bright and greater days are ahead!

The purpose of this institution is to establish, maintain, and conduct a Baptist college (1) for the systematic and comprehensive study of the Holy Bible and any other courses that will make the student a better Christian, citizen, and servant of Jesus Christ; (2) for practical, efficient, and thorough training of pastors, missionaries, evangelists, Christian school teachers, Christian musicians, and other church workers and lay people to do the ultimate goal of the ministry of the Word of God which is the salvation of souls, the edification of Christians, and the worldwide proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; (3) for training men to establish New Testament Baptist churches both at home and abroad; (4) for teaching Christian ethics in all facets of the Lord’s work; and (5) for the proclamation and preservation of Bible doctrine.

Website: http://www.heartlandbaptist.edu/default.aspx