Ellicott Baptist Church

24075 State Highway 94, Ellicott, Co 80808


Reiner and Susan Harper

We are an independent fundamental Baptist church.  We pray that God will allow us to be used to draw you into a closer walk with Him.  Our chief goal is to be: Consecrated to Christ to Carry the Gospel to the World. If you are looking for more than a religious experience, but desire a true bible based relationship with God then this is the place for you. If you have any questions contact Pastor Harper at firstinternationalbc@gmail.com.

May the Lord bless you greatly and we hope to meet you soon. 

Address: 1303 Queen St West. (Parkdale Library Auditorium)

Phone: 416.724.5172

Website: http://www.firstinternationalbaptist.com/

Email: firstinternationalbc@gmail.com