Ellicott Baptist Church

24075 State Highway 94, Ellicott, Co 80808


Bobby Harjo

When the Lord called us to the reservation we began to pray diligently about where He wanted us to go. We had originally thought it was in Chinle, Arizona...right by Canyon De Chelley. But as the doors began to close we realized that the Lord had a bigger plan for us.

We called a missionary friend of ours and he suggested that we get in contact with a Pastor who worked in Shiprock, New Mexico and ask his advice. So I called Bro. Jimmy Walters to ask his advice. When he answered the phone he said "Yes Bro. Bobby, I know who you are....we have been praying for you to call us for almost a year"

Its seems that the man who had won them to the Lord was a missionary also. He had started several churches on the Navajo Reservation and was in the middle of starting one in the SAME area that the Lord had called me. When cancer took his life the work stopped. They heard I was called to start a church out there and knew it was the will of the Lord.

Bro. Walters was raised in that area and his family still live out there...so he wants someone to build a church. When he offered to let us live on the church property in Shiprock, right on the reservation, I knew it was an answer to prayer.

With help from some supporting churches we moved our trailer out to the reservation. It would be impossible to buy something out here, and you can not rent unless you are Navajo, so the trailer was another great blessing from the Lord.

We moved the trailer right behind Bro. Walters church. Navajo Baptist Temple.

The people at Navajo Baptist Temple have been such a help and a blessing to us, I could never thank them enough for all they have done. They have helped us to learn to fit in, and taught us about how the Navajo live and speak. I am so glad the Lord has brought us together.

Shiprock, New Mexico is right in the center of what is called the 'Four Corners' Area. This is where Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado meet. It is the only place in the United States of America that four states meet together.

It only takes us about 20 minutes to get to Colorado, and 20 minutes to Arizona. It would only take about 30 minutes to get to the Four
Corners monument.

From the dry desert of Arizona to the snow covered mountains of Colorado...its a site. Spectacular red cliffs, to ancient indian ruins...there is a LOT to see out here in the desert. Just like walking back into history.

Shiprock is the LARGEST town on the Navajo Reservation. We do not have a Wal-mart yet....but we have a lot of things that most reservations towns do not have.

We have schools, a large new post office, and all the government buildings for SEVERAL towns.

They say that there are almost 10,000 Navajos that live in this town and the towns surrounding it.