Ellicott Baptist Church

24075 State Highway 94, Ellicott, Co 80808




There are very few Deaf Independent Baptist Churches in America and of the many hearing Independent Baptist Churches there are a limited amount of people who could interpret the message for a deaf person. They cannot hear the gospel from a radio, TV, or a pastor–they must SEE the gospel.

The Lord has called us to plant Solid Rock Deaf Baptist Church in the Colorado Springs, CO area. We are sent out of Sword Deaf Baptist Church in Andersonville, TN. Our goal is to develop a soul winning, growing, and deaf reaching the deaf ministry to impact the community. This will be accomplished by soul winning, teaching sign language, Sunday school classes, and working with pastors to conduct a deaf ministry

Dean Francini
I am a CODA (child of deaf adult) and was born in Ohio. I have retired after 20 years of service in the Marine Corps. I want to praise God for saving my soul in 2005 after opening my eyes to the fact that I was a sinner, could not pay my own sin debt, that Jesus died for me, and by his grace through faith HE saved me. Since then the Lord has taught me many things. I serve in the church as a soul winner, youth director and have served in the deaf ministry, as a Sunday school teacher, and in the bus ministry. The Lord began dealing with my heart about full time service in 2011. In 2013 at the DBFA (Deaf Baptist Fellowship of America) the Lord called me into the deaf ministry. HE prepared me through my experiences of being raised in a deaf home and deaf culture. I have a burden to see souls saved by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to the deaf world.

Anne Francini
Less than two weeks after Dean & I were married, on Resurrection Sunday in 1997, I heard the gospel for the very first time. I knew without a shadow of a doubt if I were to die I would not see heaven. Being raised in a Catholic home, I heard often of purgatory and hell.  A deaf pastor (who is my pastor now) preached a message on Heaven, hell, and said there is no such thing as purgatory–He had my full attention! I knew I wanted to know for a fact that I was going to heaven! During the invitation, I motioned to my husband, he interpreted to the pastor, who then had a hearing lady lead me through the plan of salvation & on that Resurrection Sunday in 1997 I asked Jesus into my heart! Then we had to go back home, hundreds of miles away. I never had a doubt of heaven, however it was almost eight years later, after Dean was saved that our entire family really started living for the Lord.

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